All Street Connections services are confidential. You do NOT have to give your name or sign anything to get harm reduction supplies or information.



  • Help or advocacy with issues such as housing, addictions, food, legal, etc.
  • Counselling and referrals.
  • Weekly newsletter containing resources, ’street hassles’ reports, and other information.


Nursing services

Public Health Nurses are in the van Friday and Saturday evening. They provide:

  • Testing for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis, and HIV; and treatment for chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis.
  • Pregnancy testing, prenatal services, information about pregnancy options, and referrals.
  • Vaccines (shots) against hepatitis A & B, the flu, and other illnesses.
  • Care for minor wounds and abscesses.
  • Referrals to other programs and services, including prenatal care (see
  • General health information.


During the day Monday to Fridays, Public Health Nurses are available at 496 Hargrave St. to connect people with supports and services for their health.



Safer drug use supplies

  • Sharing drug use supplies can put you at risk for a number of infections, like hepatitis C or HIV.
  • Street Connections provides clean injection supplies, like needles, swabs, and spoons, along with inhalation supplies for safer crack use (stems, screens, and mouthpieces).
  • We also take used needles and safely dispose them.


Safer sex supplies

  • We provide condoms, lube, and safer sex information.


Street hassles and ‘bad dates’

  • If you are hurt or threatened by a violent client (some people call them ‘bad dates’) or hassled while working on the street, we can put the details in our newsletter to let others know. If you want, we can share this information with Sage House or the police.
  • We can help you file a police report.


Home visits

  • We do home visits for needle exchanges and some nursing services. Call us to figure out the best way to connect with you.
  • We do not give crack pipes on home visits.


Things we do NOT do:

  • Report your sex work, drug use, or other activities to the police.
  • Give out money or bus tickets.
  • Give rides.
  • Tell others about you unless you ask us to.
  • Charge for our services.